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Anshul Jain

Tech Evangelist


As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Thinksys, I play a pivotal role in advancing technology organizations by strategically building and optimizing engineering teams with a global talent perspective. My leadership is characterized by a profound understanding of technology trends and a commitment to navigating the dynamic landscape of software development.

In parallel, my passion for technology extends to the realm of tech writing, with a specific focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a background as a CTO, I bring a unique perspective to AI discussions, demystifying complex concepts and providing insightful commentary on industry trends. My tech writing in AI spans from exploring the intricacies of machine learning and natural language processing to addressing ethical considerations, fostering informed conversations on AI's societal impacts.

Dually serving as a CTO and AI tech writer reflects my dedication to both advancing technological innovation within organizations and democratizing knowledge in the AI landscape. By staying connected to the pulse of AI advancements and collaborating with experts, I aim to contribute valuable insights, ensuring that AI's potential and challenges are understood by a broader audience. This dual role underscores my commitment to shaping a future where AI is not only powerful but also developed and deployed responsibly.

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